10 times you should consider sending a Get Well Soon gift (even though no one is sick)

get well soon

They’ve pulled a sickie

There’s no better way to tell someone their hangover is rumbled than a get well soon gift. We all know the repeat offender whose 10am phone calls you can set your watch to. Why not really surprise them – order the gift on Friday, and it’ll be with them on Monday morning before they pick up the phone and put on their best Laryngitis Voice.

A love sick mate

It’s just the passive aggressive move you need to let them know that you’ve lost interest in the blow by blow text message recounting and insights into the different ways people are doing sex nowadays.

Motion sickness

It’s not to be trifled with, and we’re willing to bet that those suffering from it won’t have received anything as thoughtful as a get well soon gift. Probably because everyone is too busy making excuses as to why they’re probably not driving in the same direction, so can’t give them a lift, sorry.

Sick note

Be proactive, you don’t always need to be sending the gift to a person full of germs. The card ‘Being Sick Sucks’ is factually correct, and is the perfect way to let someone know that you won’t be able to play netball this evening/attend their wedding as an evening guest/come over to help them paint their new flat. Bonus: the blow is cushioned by an actual gift.

Accidental texting sending

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to send that to you! I can’t have been concentrating when I put the address in, I meant to send it to my housemate! No, I’m not sure how I got your address, either. But now we’re speaking, do you fancy going for a drink some time?” We’ve all been there.


Kids use the word sick as a term of excitement. We’ve heard it on the bus. A get well soon gift could therefore mean “things are supercool!”, right? And supercool is still a thing, yes?

The cancellation of your Sky+ recording

Only a sick, sick individual would cancel the recording of The Voice Results show because it clashed with some lesser deserving TV shenanigans. Kill (and confuse) them with kindness: respond with a gift.

Memory loss

“No, no, I don’t have your run of the mill bad memory. The reason I forgot your birthday is… um, well it’s a rare condition, but it means I have trouble linking numbers and dates with people, so it makes it impossible for me to remember your birthday. As it says on this card: Being Sick Sucks. Mostly for you, in this case.”

Someone you love is unwell

OK, so sue us. We think it’s nice to let someone know you’re thinking of them when they’re feeling under the weather. Whether it’s a Big Serious Illness or a bit of a cold, no one ever felt worse because someone said they were thinking of them. We’ve got a brand spanking new get well soon box launching soon, but for now, you can send them a cheering Box of Fortune, an inflatable flamingo or some super luxe stationery treats. Get on it.