7 Bank Holiday Ideas to Help You Make The Most Of These Glory Days



Bank Holidays, we got ‘em.

Well, the UK’s got ‘em, a big long string of them, and what we’ve got is Bank Holiday Ideas. Because whilst you might have spent quite a long time discussing with a colleague how great bank holidays are, there’s every chance you haven’t, y’know, made a plan. Don’t wake up on Monday devoid of inspiration and revert to treating it like a Sunday. Bank Holidays deserve better than that!

Get on a bike


The eternal refrain from mothers across the land since time immemorial is “go and play on your bike”. Mothers love to send bored kids off to play on their bikes. Now, as an adult, you should take advantage of the fact that the roads will be dead quiet, and get yourself reacquainted with a bicycle. Borrow a mate’s, hire a Boris bike, decide to splurge at your local Halfords – the possibilities are endless.

Are those things that used to click up and down wheel spokes as you rode around still a thing?

Tidy, in a really nice project-y way

This isn’t the day to tackle the oven (Dull Street, Dullsville), but it might just be long enough to make a project out of sorting that pile of magazines. Apartment Therapy has loads of great Weekend Projects, so you can choose whether you want to re-enter the working week having created tonnes of extra storage or having jouge-d the crap our of your electrical outlets and charging points.

Cook, ignoring anything that can be done in less than two hours

bank holiday lamb

Again, leave the Wednesday night stir-fry thoughts to one side and get special. Think making your own crumpets, an enormous batch of cinnamon rolls that takes about six hours from start to finish or some slow cooked roast lamb.

Cinema double bill

A free day should mean indulging to the max. Taking a solid six hours to get up to date on films might seem like a stretch on a weekend (when would you have time to change your sheets??), but on a Bank Holiday, it’s totally possible. Nay, recommended. And if you’re worried about the cost, get yourself a £1 Gourmet Society Card, and take advantage of their cheap cinema ticket offers.

A long walk

bank holiday walk

There comes a time in every person’s life where they start to choose to do the things that their parents used to make them do. Walks that require maps and tea breaks and sturdy shoes are the epitome of this, and just think how useful your existing knowledge of stiles will be. Ramblers.org (not a site we ever envisaged linking too tbh) has a great tool where you can search for walks by postcode, the type of scenery you want, the length and loads more.



Buy a box fresh notebook and get yourself to the café with the creamiest coffee and the cakes with the most staggering amount of icing. Plan something. Anything. Plan for the next ten years, or for a summer holiday, or for how you’re going to show all your friends that you love them. Planning is good for the soul.

Have a digital detox

Speaking of good for the soul, whilst you’re doing one of these activities, why not take the opportunity to stretch your fingers and rest your eyes? Turn off your phone! Turn off your laptop! Remember where the off button is? God, it’s been a long time since that was employed… Wind the gramophone and get back to Bank Holiday basics.