David Bowie’s Hair – the Good, the Bad, the Photo You Need to Take to the Hairdressers

At a memorial concert last night, it quickly became apparent that David Bowie was prolific, one of a kind, inspirational. The projected photos also confirmed Bowie’s hair was some of the best hair ever to have lived amongst us.

There’s been a host of phenomenally written articles expressing our loss, this is not one of them. This is a celebration of the greatest man we never knew, but it didn’t matter because we felt like we did and that he knew us. And specifically, his hair.

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The Good

Golden Years

1977 bowie


Two albums released, but his hair game did not let up. The Low album is literally being taken to the hairdressers on Saturday.


The Thin White Duke knows how to wield that hair gel.


Clean haired Bowie + peroxide Bowie + a blow dry with a round hairbrush = <3

Hunky Dory

1982 bowie


Us mere mortals could never get our hair this clean, but it’s been a #hairgoal since The Snowman was released.

2003 bowie


Long curtains are an acquired taste that we have very much acquired.

1971 bowie


The year is 1998. You have just asked your hairdresser for ‘long, choppy layers’.

Aladdin Sane(ly Good Hair)

1989 bowie


Yes, Mr Grey.

1987 bowie


Don’t make the mistake of assuming 80s hair was bad hair. At the very least, 1987 was the year of consistency.

1974 final


That two tone quiff though.

The Bad


1986 bowie


Presumably the hair was held up with the power of voodoo who do you do do what remind me of the babe.

2006 bowie


Not a fan, but this is actually Christopher Nolan’s fault, since this is Bowie in The Prestige.

1975 bowie


Be 1974 quiffed Bowie or 1976 oild slick Bowie, but do not be 1975 difficult growing out stage Bowie.

(Gone to the) Diamond Dogs

1965 bowie


Even this hair gives hope. You can have hair like this and still grow up to be Bowie.

1998 bowie


Watch out, it’s that boy from A Level English class who won’t speak to you.

1996 bowie


Far too reminiscent of that man from the Sex Pistols, circa that commercial for butter.