The Ultimate Luxury Galentine’s How To Guide

ultimate galentines

Look, if we lived in a world without dreams, we’d be done for. And who hasn’t dreamed about whisking a friend away for a weekend? Whether it’s restorative, debauched, contemplative or just involves a whole load of cheap prosecco, a long weekend with a friend is the kind of activity we can get behind.

But how to craft the perfect Ultimate Luxury Galentines Gift? Read on.

Lay the groundwork

This is the tricky bit. You need to find out where your friend wants to go, but you also want to keep the surprise. Start a conversation about dream destinations, but when your treatee names the place they want to go, make it very clear you’d never go there. Here’s some diversionary tactics you could try once your treatee has named their dream destination:

  1. Gaze into the distance solemnly. When your treatee asks what’s wrong, quietly mutter “I had my heart broken by a sailor from [dream destination]”
  2. Leap out of your chair and urgently whisper “[Dream destination]? Yes, I was there, just before the Russians pulled out — I’ve said too much.” To really sell it, grab their lapels and yell “What do you know?” and also try “Who sent you?!”
  3. Roll your eyes and yell “Ugh, if you love [dream destination] so much why don’t you marry it!” (this works surprisingly well for most nouns)


When a plan comes together

As we all presumably know, making a plan is as much fun as going and doing it. Whilst a weekend away is, y’know, fun, it’s also a great excuse for a new spreadsheet. Who doesn’t love attacking a guide book with a highlighter pen and a watering mouth? For guidance, you can turn to the old faithful Rough Guide series, or a recent discovery on our part, the Off Track Planet’s Guides for the Young, Sexy, and Broke series. We can all claim to be at least two of these most of the time.

Spring your treat

Let’s get Next Level Organised. The best way to make sure your treatee will be free to travel is to plan a dummy event with them. Ideally it should be something they don’t really want to do but can’t get out of. Then when the day dawns, you can slap those plane tickets down on the table and announce “You thought you were helping me paint my sconces this weekend, but really I’m treating you to a weekend in your favourite place!” Then simply bask in the warmth and adoration and prepare for many hugs.

That said, those sconces won’t paint themselves.

Make yourself at home

Hotels are expensive and hostels are hardly a treat, but there are loads of ways to stay in a real home wherever you go. Airbnb means you can privately rent somewhere cool and quirky to rest your head for a range of budgets. Or if the stars align you can introduce someone to your home by swapping with another traveller via something like Home Exchange – budget-y and delicious.

Your phone is your friend

If you do travel, get on the Three mobile network (if you want, like. Do whatever, it’s your life). They let you use roaming data in a heap of countries for no money, and when you’re spinning cluelessly on an unknown boulevard, you’ll be forever grateful to be able to use Google Maps. And Citymapper. And Uber. And Lyft.

And Foursquare

Foursquare has dumped the ridiculous concept of becoming a mayor of your local Starbucks, and thankfully people have stopped talking about The Gamification of Whatever. It’s now super useful if you’re travelling, for the ability to tap in ‘donuts’ and find out that you’re 100 metres from #3 in the city and 900m from #1. It also does brunch, chorizo, roof terraces, japes, legroom, shiny apples and powerpoints i.e. it scans the reviews left for keywords.

Have a lovely time!

This is the bit we won’t try to micromanage. Suffice to say: laugh until you hurt at things that will never translate as well in the retelling, share secrets you’ve never told anyone because frankly they’re boring but that’s literally what friends are for, have discussions like “rank your top three types of lettuce”.

But yeah, if your luxury galentines gift is still a vague plan, send a Galentines Box of Fortune gift box, why doncha?