A Winter Survival Guide (including one thing we’ll post to you for free)

winter survival guide

The time between 5th November (Bonfire night, the actual most wonderful time of the year) and 1st December (MULLED WINE) is tricky. The smart cookies booked holidays for this month way back in April, but the rest of us are faced with the post- leaves kicking pre-turkey slump.

But there are ways to get through it – after all, most of us make it through every year.

And so, with no further ado, here’s your

Winter Survival Guide


A compliment

Giving compliments makes the giver feel great, and the receiver feel glorious.  We advise that during November you throw them around like they’re going out of fashion (“Fashion? Darling, you could write the book on fashion!”). In fact, we’re so keen to feel great, if you send us  your name and postal address, we’ll mail you a real life handwritten compliment through the actual post.

heart eyes

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Look, we’re not saying you should go all Home Alone/Die Hard/A Muppet Christmas Carol triple bill on November, but you sure could do with reminding yourself what’s just around the corner. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the animated version, natch)(do people still say natch? It feels a bit Sara Cox Big Breakfast) has rhymes, songs and a heart that grows three sizes larger. Spoiler, soz.


A jaunty hat

The weather’s unpredictable, umbrellas are fundamentally flawed and you’re not made of Gore-Tex. What’s a person to do? Take a leaf out of Sherlock Holmes, Captain Jack Sparrow and Princess Eugenie’s book, that’s what.

A jaunty hat will elevate your look to baller, protect you from showers and serve as a handy receptacle for cash, should you decide to busk. We’d suggest these stunners from Janine Basil – what they lack in rain protection, they make up for in KABAM!!!!

janine basil

Something from a museum gift shop

Museums are full of things people don’t need any more (I mean, do you actually need those marbles, Greece?) which is a concept that they tend to take and run with when it comes to the gift shop. Earmark £5 and 20 minutes in a museum gift shop, and I swear, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, renewed and in possession of 17 postcards you will never send (you can get your own stuffed Egyptian Cat from the British Museum, or buy it online here).

egyptian cat

Contrary to rumours, we do not in fact hate flowers. How could you hate flowers? Flowers are great. I mean, boring flowers aren’t great. Flowers delivered by a stressed out delivery man aren’t great. Flowers that you have to lug on the tube aren’t great. But flowers as a concept? Great.

If you’re going to get flowers, there’s nothing nicer than buying them locally on a weekend morning, but failing that, and given November, have you considered the post? Bloom & Wild do bouquets that fit through your letterbox, and the selections are beautiful. The flowers are pretty great.

bloom and wild

What else can we add to our winter survival guide? Besides, you know, the C word…