Leaving gifts to show you care (even though they’re leaving)

Leaving gifts can be tricky SOBs. Ideally, you want to elicit a small tear, and a sudden realisation from your colleague that she’ll never have the same awesome lunchtime chat at her new company. A bottle of booze or a bouquet of flowers says “I nipped out in my lunchbreak” but with just a bit of forward planning, you can send a very different message. We bring you:

Leaving Gifts to Show You Care

1. A plastic flamingo, a card telling her she’s awesome. Job done.

Unusual gift box contents retina as an alternative to flowers

2. Coffee

Gift cards are often given a bad rap, and if it’s for Wallis and it’s from your aunt for Christmas, deservedly so. But a card loaded up with glorious caffeine is another story. It takes 30 seconds to sort out, and your ex-colleague will enjoy morning lattes thinking of you for weeks to come.starbucksgv

3. You Suck At Parking cards

Is your colleague off somewhere with a car park? With colleagues? Colleagues who own cars? Why not ensure your ex-colleague really gets off on the right foot, but loading her with these beauties!


you suck

5. A rainbow cake

Offices can too often be the preserve of slightly stale cakes from M&S, so take the opportunity to splash the cash on a proper knockout cake for the colleague with a sweet tooth – the most colourful of leaving gifts.

leaving gifts


6. A Spotify subscription

The person with the paid Spotify subscription becomes the Alpha office worker. That’s the person who gets control of the stereo, because listening to Ellie Goulding talk about trainers every third song becomes tired very quickly. Get your colleague a year’s subscription as a leaving gift, and you’ve already ensured she shows up to her new job on Monday bringing something extremely useful to the table. The rest is up to her.