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OZY: “The boxes take a unique slant on gift giving: They’re sassy, smart — and free from petals and sickly sweet sayings. Don’t know how to say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯? Let the stickers, postcards, tats and fortune cookies do that for you.”

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The Guardian’s Valentine’s Gift Guide: “Valentine’s Day gifts for the romantic – and those who are sick of it already. A miniature takeaway box with a temporary tattoo and a fortune cookie with – naturally – a Jeremy Corbyn quote. ”

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The Guardian’s Christmas Gift Guide: “Gorgeous box of Japanese-themed gifts, from stationery to jewellery. The brilliantly-curated Death to Flowers also has other themed gift boxes for men and women”

Stylist Magazine: “Forget sending flowers! Show your gratitude with this Death to Flowers gift box”

lost at e minor

Lost at E Minor: “To put it simply, Death to Flowers sends gift boxes people want to receive. We love the idea of this quirky box company — and those who subscribe to Death to Flowers emails get a 10% discount, score! ”

aine's wardrobe

Aine’s Wardrobe “I love the mini Chinese takeaway-esk box they carry it in which helps to set the scene and keep the suspense.  Plus who doesn’t love an edible gift? Yum.”

the totality

The Totality “ This is a brand name which tells you everything you need to know. If you love your other half, don’t get her those strange cliche cards with bears on or those cuddly toys holding hearts – death to flowers indeed!”

daisy chain dream

A Daisy Chain Dream: “They kindly sent me over a box so I could see what all of the fuss is about and I have to say, I’m pretty taken. This really is such a fun idea and perfect for all kinds of gifting occasions, not just Valentines Day”


MyBaBa: “I received the ‘Baby Love’ gift box this week and I have to say, it makes a refreshing change to flowers as a new mama gift. My little DD loves the carrot rattle and the music box is very sweet”


Run Out of Womb: “A company set up based on the idea that buying gifts that last longer than a bunch of tulips wins top marks: Death to Flowers sent me a cute new-mum box which costs £30. They’re all well-made items and treats that you probably wouldn’t buy yourself – the mark of a great gift!”

savile row magazine

Savile Row Style Magazine: “Bay rum hair tonic was once a standard on the bath shelf of the average man, and which is now making a come back. Said to calm the scalp and strengthen hair, it has been used for over a 100 years and is included in a gift box from Death to Flowers. “


Sugarscape: “So sophisticated”

ginger mum

Ginger Mum blog: “The talking point of the evening was this fabulous box of tricks from ‘Death To Flowers’ which had a treat for baby & mummy alike. This will last way longer than any bouquet and benefit mummy so much more!”

miss kwame

Miss Kwame: “I’m so happy I waited to open the box because in waiting I appreciated this beautiful message from the universe so much more. Buy a box for yourself or a loved one who needs a little reminder of their greatness.”

seen in the city

Seen In The City:  “An innovative gift box of little favours that relate to your situation, Death to Flowers provides a laugh-inducing, tear jerking, innovative gift that will stick in your mind for time to come. From congratulating a new baby to showing your man you care, to giving your friend something truly random, everything is covered.”

about time

About Time Magazine: “Buying Christmas gifts for him can be hard, so we’ve scoured the high street for the best Christmas gift options out there”

loves pretty wild things

Loves Pretty Wild Things: “There are six boxes to choose from so you are bound to find something to suit that special someone! These are perfect for birthday gifts, christmas presents or just one off little treats for friends or loved ones! “

fashion ache

The Fashion Ache: “If you haven’t already clicked HERE and stopped reading this to head over to the site, my goodness what are you DOING? ClickHERE and send out a box, like, NOW! I’m off to ‘borrow’ some more money from my husband for ‘urgent bills’ (not to send a box out to self).”

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