10 of the most unique mother’s day gifts to show you care

If you’re here because you’re not sure when Mother’s Day is: 6th March. Mark it in your diary.

If you’re here because you appreciate your mother, but might have been a tad lax in demonstrating that in the past 12 months, strap in, kid. Have we got some unique mother’s day gifts for you!

unique mothers day ideasDeath to Flowers gift boxes

We’ve heard they’re awesome. Seriously, we dare you to send your mother a Snoop Dogg fortune cookie. If you’re not up for that, how about a Jeremy Corbyn fortune cookie, a luxury box full of chocolate, jewellery and stationery or something to make her dreams come true? We’ve got a whole page dedicated to Mother’s Day ideas. 

A celebrity greeting

For £250,000 Carole King will perform at a party for your mother, but if you only love her 0.008% of that, you can get Boycie to record a video message for £20.

A promise

Popular promises include: I promise not to swear or at least not bad swear in your presence, I promise to think about having children in the next four years, I promise to not revert to my 16 year old self the minute I enter my childhood home.

Home made cross stitch

BUT STAY WITH US! Cool cross stitch. Your mother gets something she can hang on the wall, you get the knowledge that if she leaves it to you in her will, you’re cool with that.


Name a rose

Apparently it’s a process that can often cost more than £10k, but this site is offering you the chance to name a rose for £35. It’s not entirely clear what that entails, except that they’ll make you a label with that name printed on it. Seems legit.

Start a business

The business should specifically be one where you sell gifts that are suitable for mother’s day. Works a treat.

An evening with Aled Jones

Just look at his cheeky face. Whilst you think of him as the child singing in The Snowman, your mother knows him from regular Radio 2 stand-in slots, Strictly Come Dancing and Escape to the Country. He’s the Vaguely Omnipresent Zane Lowe of your mother’s world.

A falconry course

No one ever expects a falconry course when they open a mother’s day card, do they? If you’ve got a burning desire to be the child that gets talked about the most at the next family gathering, go with the falconry course.

The ultimate bath caddy

You just know if you’ve got the kind of mother who would appreciate a bath caddy that holds a glass of wine, a candle, a mirror and a book. You’ll have noticed the little things: she can wield a silk scarf with aplomb, she uses the word aplomb, she’ll be a regular on the local Housewives Of… series. If that’s your mum, this is your gift.

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Niche, but someone’s mother is going to love it.